Burger King burglar confesses

Reporter: Kara Kostanich

Tuesday evening, one of the suspects from Friday night's restaurant robbery has confessed to his involvement in the crime and provided information about the two men with him.

The Broward County Sheriff's Department claims they are connecting the three suspected robbers at the Boynton Beach Burger King to another recent fast food robbery in Broward County.

They are investigating if the suspects could have been connected to another string of robberies as well. Investigators are waiting on forensic evidence in those separate cases.

Boynton Beach Police expect to file charges against these men sometime this week, and they are currently taking time to build this case because the alleged crime spans across two counties.

The suspects will likely face very tough charges, including armed robbery, aggravated assault, attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and fleeing and alluding.

Law enforcement investigators are still trying to determine exactly where shots were filed along I-95, so each agency can file the proper charges. All agencies involved are in touch with the state attorney's office.