Sophomore stamps out hunger

It is no surprise with the economy the way it is, the number of people without enough to eat is increasing.

A young teenager is tackling hunger in our area with determination, a big heart and very strong back. Can after can, pound after pound, 16-year-old Jordan Livingston is working up a sweat to stamp out hunger.

He is one of hundreds, but the fact that this high school sophomore is volunteering his Saturday at the Daily Bread Food Bank isn't the amazing part. Jordan collected almost a thousand pounds of food.

"I'm proud I could help myself and my neighborhood do something good for the community," Jordan says.

To tackle this amazing feat, he sends out flyers to his neighbors on when to put out the food so he can collect it. Every year the donations grow, and now that Jordan is bigger and stronger, he collects donations at his grandmother's neighborhood, as well.

Jordan says, "I definitely want to get more. I think I even want to do more neighborhoods next year. "