WPB officer investigating double murder

Reporter: Stephanie Gailhard

A double murder investigation is underway in West Palm Beach. The bodies of a man and a woman found overnight.

It happened at around 1:15 Thursday morning on the 900 block of 22nd Street.

One of the victims, 37-year-old Connie Pierce, was a mother of three and also worked as a corrections officer in the area.

Detectives are still gathering evidence on the scene at 22nd Street. They tell us they've recovered several shell casings, as well.

Officers were on routine patrol around 1 a.m. Thursday when they discovered Pierce slumped over in the driver's seat of a car - dead from at least one gunshot wound.

Right outside her car was 33-year-old Keith Wade - also dead. Officers say he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers say he may have been trying to get away from the gunman right before he died. All of this went down right in front of Pierce's grandmother's home. Now, officers tell us Pierce and Wade were acquaintances.

"We'll be working the crime scene here for another couple hours. We'll do background checks on both victims, see what their relationship is, see if there's any link to other - other people in the area," says West Palm Beach Officer Sgt. Jim Cink.

Detectives searched for a suspect, but that search did turn up nothing. Right now, they believe, one gunman shot and killed both of those people.

But, so far, they don't have a description of that gunman, and they do not have a motive at this time. Of course, this is a developing story, and as soon as we get any new information, we will bring it to you.