Alcohol could be a factor in trooper's death

Sunday, trooper Elijah Jones Jr., died after the Mercedes he was riding in crashed.

West Palm Beach police say the vehicle was traveling north along Jog Road. The 37-year-old driver went straight into the guardrail. She sustained severe head injuries and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital. Jones died at the scene.

Trooper Elijah Jones, known as E.J. Among his colleagues, died feet away from where he patrolled for years along the Florida Turnpike.

"E.J. was a strong powerful man, if he stopped you, he was very understanding and reasonable. He was the type of person you would want to explain your situation to, and would take the time to listen," said Lt. Tim Frith.

"E.J. was a support system for all of us," says Frith.

West Palm Beach police claim that alcohol could have been a factor in this incident. Police also say they will have their traffic homicide unit at the scene taking measurements on Monday. They claim they will release the official police report Monday.

The funeral arrangements for Jones are still pending.