Stepfather tried: Baby shaken to death

In February 2006, police say a Lake Worth man admitted to killing his baby stepson by shaking him to death. Monday morning a jury will be seated in the trial to determine fate of that man.

That fate could be a lifetime in prison for Pablo Cano Lopez, charged in first degree murder for the death of his stepson. He admitted to shaking 4-month-old Elijah to death one morning, saying Elijah would not stop crying.

As the little boy laid in the hospital on life support, Cano gave a taped confession to police, admitting to shaking little Elijah four to five times. He made a second statement later on.

Last week his lawyers asked a judge to throw out both taped confessions, claiming that the investigating detectives tricked his client into confessing, and used his lack of sleep to get him to admit to the crime.

That request was denied, which resulted in a big blow to the defense. Once again, if convicted, Cano will spend the rest of his life behind bars.