High-rise condo raises concern for citizens

Reporter Allison Bybee

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Dozens of residents packed the meeting room, many trying to stop the construction of a nearly 400-foot building.

Some residents held up "no" signs showing their distaste for this building.

Trinity development group wants to build a high rise condo standing 391 feet. Calling it "The Modern." It would be built right where the current Tower 1515 stands, beaten, battered and left empty since the hurricanes of 2004.

Tonight, the West Palm Beach City Commission was scheduled to vote on whether to allow the construction. They rejected the current plan, instead asking Trinity Development group to make changes and come back in a month.

Some residents are happy for time being and want to see something smaller. Other residents are frustrated a decision wasn't made, many concerned people who live around Tower 1515 are snowbirds and will be gone by June.

Trinity Development group tells us they will take the next month to review the citizen concerns and come back with changes next month.