Deal or Dud: Enormous Lash

Reporter Emily Pantelides

Long, luscious lashes: A must have for celebrities that moms and college girls alike dream about. So, how can we achieve those extreme lengths?

The $95 Enormous Lash promises to transform your skimpy eyelashes into long, full fringes of beauty.

So, we put it to the test with three Deal or Dud volunteers. "Apply Enormous Lash like a liquid eyeliner along the lash line every night before bed," says one volunteer.

For six weeks, Chrissie, Gretchen and Katie use Enormous Lash every night.

They're anxious to see if these before pictures show any difference. Each woman tells us that after the 'minimum required usage' time of 45 days, they noticed a major change in their eyelashes.

"They're definitely longer. I think they have more curl to them just because of the length. They may be a little more full, as well," says one.

"It was a very pleasant surprise because I didn't anticipate that they would get so long, so full, and so quickly," adds another.

Dermatologist Dr. Zoe Draelos wasn't as surprised with our results. She expected the product to work. "This liquid actually contains a substance that was used for the treatment of glaucoma. It was discovered that when glaucoma patients used this liquid to put in their eye and some of it got in their eyelashes, it actually grew eyelashes."

And because this cosmetic product contains a small amount of that drug, Dr. Draelos has a word of advice. "If you have eye problems and have an eye doctor, consult your doctor before you use a product like this long term. Don't use anything that's going to cause problems that could significantly affect your vision."

But don't lash out at this product just yet. "I would definitely say this is a deal. If you want longer lashes this is the product for you," says one.

The other two agree: "Deal"!