"No remorse": Son confesses to murdering, burying mom

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Indian River County Deputies arrest a 37-year-old man after, they say, he confessed to killing his mother on Sunday.

Thursday family and friends just learning 59-year-old Lynn Shuler was no longer just a missing person. Her neighbor Christy Calloway says, "It's a shock. I can't believe she's dead."

Family members concerned they hadn't seen Lynn in three days. Neighbors surprised they didn't see her head to work. So, they called Indian River County Sheriff's Deputies.

They checked her home here in Vero Lake Estates. No sign of her, but the inside of the home was a disaster. That's when they turned their eyes to her son, Kelly Smith. A man, Calloway said, who had a troubled past and his mother only trying to help, "She thought he had changed. She thought that he had gotten his life back on track - apparently not."

Deputies say Smith was driving his mothers car, using her home, and her credit cards. They then tracked Kelly down and arrested him on second degree murder charges. Detective Jim Hyde says, "He confessed to a verbal altercation that turned physical. He killed his mother."

Thursday detectives turned to her own backyard to find her. Smith confessed he buried her body in a shallow grave near woods. Late Thursday evening, Deputies found a white female in the spot Smith described, "He showed no remorse during his interview. Nothing physical or in his voice that would show any type of remorse."

So far, there is no motive for this crime. After an autopsy is performed on the body and a positive identification is reached, Smith's charges could be increased from seconnd degree murder.

The family did not wish to speak with us Thursday. Friends say they are obviously very disturbed by what happened.