Stephanie Woods finally apologizes

Reporter: Juan Carlos Fanjul

Turning it around: The infamous teen, who became famous for stealing from a 9-year-old Girl Scout, talked with Fox 29 shortly after she appeared in front of a judge, again.

Stephanie Woods has become synonymous with bad girl behavior, but, she says, she's becoming a good girl. "All I can say is I'm sorry."

She claimed she is been turned into a cookie monster. A no contest plea - after a recent dining and dashing incident at a Denny's restaurant - could place her in prison for up to 60 days. "I'm a strong person. I can handle any type of punishment, even though, I think it would be unfair for me to get 60 days in jail."

A friend was with her in the Denny's and Girl Scouts theft and was supposed to take the stand, but Woods' attorney was concerned about her testimony, so she took the plea. "We didn't want to give this person a forum to vilify Stephanie." 

Her statement: "Who doesn't like money?" outraged the community eariler this year. But she says, "[That] doesn't give them the right to be screaming things at me at Publix, at Starbucks." 

Despite this flip of a finger and shove of a camera last week in court. "I don't have much of an attitude anymore except last week - that was just anger. What can I say."

Her lawyer says it was the best avenue. Denny's manager did not even want to prosecute for the $25 unpaid tab.

Her attorney believes Woods should only serve one month probation. We'll see what happens June 6.