Newborn taken from homeless parents

Reporter Suzanne Boyd

Brand new parents say that the Department of Children and Families came to the Westgate Tabernacle and took their 2-week-old baby from them.

They called Fox 29, but baby Mariana was already gone.

Robert Lynch and his fiancee have been crying all afternoon - their baby taken by DCF.

This - just one day after we brought you the story of baby Mariana. Our story about homelessness showed their new baby.

DCF said the baby was being abused, neglected and in a harmful place. And, they said, they saw them on the news. DCF will not confirm whether they took the child.

The shelter's administrator, however, tells Fox 29 the baby was well taken care of. "You could see this child was taken care of by 100 parents. It's unfortunate that they're in this environment, right now, having a newborn baby. But it's the only place they have to go."

The couple says they will go to court and fight to get their infant back.

We should be able to find out more at the court hearing Friday afternoon. And the administrators from Westgate say they will be there in full force.