Club Shooting: "Gun violence out of control"

Reporter Alex Zequeira

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (FOX29) - A shooting outside a riviera beach nightclub sends one man to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The victim is expected to be okay, which was not his prognosis early Monday morning.

The incident occured on the corner of 11th Street and Broadway. Tyrone McCloud was shot outside the parking lot of B&C Nightclub in Riviera Beach.

The shooting occured around 11:30 Monday night. Investigators say McCloud was outside the club when they believe there was some type of altercation. Police are not sure whether it was one shooter or several shooters who were involved.

McCloud was able to get away and as he crossed Broadway left a trail of blood behind him. Someone eventually found him dragging himself and was able to help by calling 911.

Investigators say this is just another example of how gun culture is taking a turn for the worst.

"It's kind of the trend throughout the country, though. I mean you look everywhere, crime is picking up. Gun violence is out of control everywhere. It's kind of a routine thing now. I mean we respond quite often to shootings throughout Palm Beach County." claims Sgt. Jim Eddy.

McCloud was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center and rushed into emergency surgery. He is expected to recover this morning.

Investigators are still looking for the shooter or shooters. If you have any information, you are asked to call 1-800-458-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward.