Plenty of sun, fun and handcuffs

Reporter John Bachman

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (FOX 29) - A lot goes into keeping boaters safe on the water. Monday, local law enforcement practically had an armada out to handle the crowds.

It was a beautiful holiday weekend with all the elements for a perfect day on the water: boats full of friends, family and dogs. There was also plenty of sun, fun and handcuffs on display.

One man is now under arrest for boating under the influence. Deputies saw one of his passengers fall over board near Peanut Island and brought him to Phil Foster Park for a sobriety check.

Other Boaters like Pat Bouffard certainly noticed the increase of patrol boats, "we saw The Coast Guard. We saw Palm Beach Police, West Palm Beach Police, Riviera Police. We saw Homeland Security and we saw a bunch of choppers flying around."

Things really picked up late in the afternoon as the sun started to set on the holiday. Deputies found a fight on the other end of the park.

After they searched another man, deputies found him with a bottle of booze inside his work truck. He admitted it was his, and police began another D-U-I investigation.

There were plenty of people enjoying their alcohol in moderation, but cops also cracked down on underage drinking around Peanut Island.

Deputies say three girls, all underage, were busted for drinking, one in possession cocaine.

Many said there were fewer boats out on Monday, but the sheriff's office is still leaving with a van full of people headed for jail.

There were about 10 police and coast guard boats patrolling around Peanut Island on Monday. That's more than you'll see on a typical weekend, but they say that's what it takes to keep a handle on Peanut Island