Update: Teen allegedly raped during school hours

Updated, THU 11 Am: New information about a middle school rape. A letter was sent to notify parents of the incident.

A 13-year-old girl attending Emerald Cove Middle School says she was attacked seven months ago. She claims another student raped her in a bathroom during school hours, but has just come forward.

The school district tells us the people involved are no longer at the school. And investigators plan to turn it over to the attorney's office to see if charges will be filed.

Reporter Lindsay Cohen

Previously: The first hints came when the girl stopped eating. The second, when her parents received an unusually high phone bill.

Finally, the 13-year-old girl broke down when her parents began to question her.

"She says, 'I didn't want to,' and she started throwing up and throwing up," said the girl's mother. "That's when we called the police because we realized something happened to her."

School police are now investigating the alleged rape which took place on the campus of Emerald Cove Middle School in Wellington. The student says she was raped by a male classmate in the bathroom of the school's gymnasium during school hours.

"For this type of event to take place when you think your child is - when you think they're being watched, taken care of," said the girl's father, "it's to a point now that we're afraid to send her to school."

The girl hasn't been back to school since reporting the rape three weeks ago. It took her seven months, her parents said, to have the courage to come forward.

"I want all parents out there to know that, you know what? Things do go behind these gates that we know nothing about," her father added.

The girl's parents also say they are outraged that the alleged attacker is back in class after serving a suspension. A school district spokesman wouldn't comment on that, citing student privacy issues.

Meantime, the alleged victim's parents are hoping to encourage other rape victims to come forward by sharing their story.

"I wish that this doesn't happen to somebody else," said the girl's mother, fighting back tears.

Fox 29 is not identifying the alleged victim or her parents, due to privacy issues and the nature of the reported crime.