Police: Driver intentionally ran into multiple cars

Reporter John Bachman

He took police for a wild ride on I-95 smashing into a couple of police cars and one man's Mercedes. Most of the pursuit was captured by the police cameras.

It was 2 in the afternoon Memorial Day, and Boynton Beach police officers had just started getting reports of a reckless driver.

"Oh my God. Oh my God, he almost hit us", said one woman who called herself Stephanie on a 9-1-1 call. "This guy ran another guy off the road."

Several callers describe a white station wagon weaving in and out of traffic near Seacrest Avenue and Boynton Beach Boulevard.

"I think he's really drunk or something; he just pushed us right off the road," said Jason Gaynor, another person who called 9-1-1.

Police say it was Mike Timmons behind the wheel. At first, the officers say they were trying to pull Timmons over on Boynton Beach Boulevard but had no plans to chase up I-95. They followed him to the on-ramp, and, then, bang. Timmons rear-ended a Mercedes.

Cops say he had plenty of room to avoid the collision. "He intentionally ran into the back of the car. A whole other ball game," said Major Frank Briganti.

At that point, officers say, they knew Timmins was desperate and dangerous. Once on the interstate, he slammed on his breaks trying to get one of the police cruisers to hit him.

The police drove around him and attempted to box him in. But, he didn't stop there. He swerved into one police car, pulled a u-turn on I-95 and ran head first into another police car.

"He just rammed my car. He just ran into one of our patrol vehicles. He ran into several of our vehicles," said one of the officers involved in the chase.

Timmins faces a bunch of charges, including reckless driving and aggravated battery. The officers who were hit are a little banged up, but they'll be ok.