Stephanie Woods hugs her mom goodbye

Reporter Chuck Weber

She stole from a Girl Scout. Now, she's paying for the crime. Fox 29 is there as Stephanie Woods enters the juvenile detention center forced to serve her sentence immediately.

Stephanie Woods - with her lawyer and mother in court Wednesday - asked if she could stay on probation and go to a private drug treatment center in Broward County. "I really just want a chance to try this on my own."

But a state report and prosecutors recommend long-term treatment at a lock-down state facility based on Stephanie's past legal troubles and her own admission to trying a long list of drugs and being addicted to one. "I don't abuse all of those drugs. I only have one drug problem with one drug."

Stephanie's mom, Deborah Smith, addresses the judge. "She knows what she needs to fix in her life, and her family is willing to commit."

But Prosecutor Holly McFadden says, "Stephanie Wood takes no responsibility for her actions. Your honor, she has no remorse for taking money from a 9-year-old Girl Scout."

Judge Moses Baker called Stephanie's drug problem the worst he's ever seen and orders long-term treatment in a state program that's ran like a prison. Baker fears for Stephanie's well being and has her taken into custody until a treatment bed opens up.

Stephanie is fingerprinted, and with tears in her eyes, hugs her mom and waves goodbye.

Stephanie will be in a drug treatment program under court supervision until the judge feels she's ready to be released - that could be six months or potentially up to three years.