Teacher accused of locking students in closet

A superintendent wants her fired after locking a student in a dark closet for at least 15 minutes. And, Fox 29, understands this is not the first time something like this has happened.

A teacher is accussed of sending misbehaving students to classroom closets not once but twice to discipline them. The most recent took place in Wellington.

The school board identifies the teacher as Ruth Scott. Scott was a teacher at Palm Beach Central back in February when she sent a student to the classroom storage closet for 15 minutes. And, they said, the closet has no windows.

Officials show testimonials which state the teacher disciplined the students because of beeping noises. Scott has been accused of misconduct including showing an R rated movie when she was told not to, and, in the recent case, she denies the accusations.

We spoke with the student's mother, and she tells us, "It did not affect my son in anyway. We are all fine. We have nothing against Miss Scott."

Scott has been reassigned. And, in the meantime, the student in this case has not been identified because the district says the parents do not want to press any charges.