Stephanie Woods' parents: "A bit excessive"

Reporter Chuck Weber

As Stephanie Woods spends her second day in Juvenile Detention, locked up for stealing money from a Girl Scout, Stephanie's parents are speaking out.

Thursday morning Stephanie's mother called in to WRMF radio to talk about her daughter on the air, and later in the day, Deborah Smith and her husband, Kevin, spoke with Fox 29 by phone.

"There is outrage in our own home from Stephanie's initial comments back when this first happened," said Deborah, referring to Stephanie's brazen statements in front of our cameras back in January.

Stephanie confessed to helping take $168 from 9-year-old Girl Scout Gracie Smith in front of a supermarket.

When asked why she did it, Stephanie bragged, "Who doesn't like money?  I know it's a crime, but it was an easy crime."

Stephanie's mother says she and her family struggled to understand why Stefanie said those things. "It's been a long four months, and it's very difficult," says Mrs. Smith.

As for the judge, he sentenced Stephanie to a state lock-down drug treatment facility for the cookie money theft. Stephanie's parents feel the judge got conflicting and overblown information about their daughter's drug problem.

Based on what the judge was told, stepfather Kevin Smith said, "We feel that the sentencing could only go one way, and as it did, it went, in our opinion, probably a bit excessive."

The Smiths would like Judge Moses Baker to have a more accurate assessment of Stephanie's drug issues.

The Smiths credit Stephanie for coming to them last fall, admitting an addiction to oxycontin, what the teens call "Roxies." Mrs. Smith offered a warning sign for parents. "It's tin foil," said Mrs. Smith. "'Roxy-contins,' you smoke 'em, you can eat 'em, you can snort 'em, but whatever it is, it needs some form of tin foil."

The Smith's say they had Stephanie get counseling for the drug problem.

Stephanie is at the Juvenile Detention Center in West Palm Beach awaiting a place in a state treatment program. As it stands now, under the judge's ruling, Stephanie will stay in state treatment until the judge releases her. That could be as many as three years.