Gracie Smith tries to spare Woods from jail time

Sometimes, we forget about the victims of a crime, especially when the person committing the crime is someone like Stephanie Woods. But we could all learn a lesson from the 9-year-old Girl Scout she stole from.

Even though little Gracie Smith helped convict Woods, she also wants to help her. "I have a letter from the 9-year-old victim I would like to present to the court.

That 9-year-old victim, Gracie Smith testified against Stephanie Woods for stealing her Girl Scout cookie money. She wrote the judge hoping she would spare woods any jail time.

"Gracie's recommendation to the court is that you sentence Ms. Woods to community service and require her to clean up Girl Scout camps."

But it turns out the only thing Woods will be cleaning up is her drug habit. The judge ordered her to a state lockdown drug facility for as long as three years.

It's not what Gracie had hoped for. Even she was willing to give Woods another chance.

"Gracie says that, 'I think that would be a good idea because I'm the Girl Scout, and it's helping the Girl Scouts and the community.'"

Well, Woods prior criminal history may have also weighed in the judge's decision. Before the Girl Scout incident, Woods had already been arrested for burglary, vandalism and beating up a boyfriend.