Squeaky clean crime caught on camera

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (Fox 29) - Two burglars broke into a home while the owner was in the shower.  The entire incident was caught on the family's high tech home surveillance system.

Two young men came up to the house knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, and nobody answered. A red Chevy Blazer waited patiently in the driveway and when nobody responded to the repeated attempts at having the front door open, the suspects punched through a glass panel and reached in.

"It doesn't t matter what you do, if they want to get in, they are going to get in," claimed Tim Mague, homeowner.

The burglars got away with a laptop computer and a Playstation 3, enough to steal the family's sense of security.

Knowing his wife was home in the shower, Tim can't think of what might have been. "If she walks out of the shower and walks in on them, who knows how they are going to react, or how she will react. It could be something really bad really quick. I don't want anybody else to have to go through that."

Ten surveillance cameras that were mounted to the house and in plain sight captured the crime.

"Obviously they didn't t see them or they just didn't t care. I don t know."

>> Not knowing the cameras caught the whole thing before taking off in the truck one of the burglars had to lift up his shorts to make the get away.