Famous studio sets: In flames

Reporter Allison Smith:

LOS ANGELES, CA (Fox 29) - It was the kind of scene movie makers spend millions recreating, crews took more than 12 hours to finally put out the flames.

At its peak, the back log blaze was the size of two city blocks.

"It looked like a bomb had exploded in the San Fernando Valley," one local claimed.

The fire destroyed an area used for New York City street scenes and torched famous sets from films such as "Back to the Future" and the "Sting." The main vault used for storing decades worth of Hollywood history wasn't touched.

Studio executives say nothing irreplaceable was lost.

One Universal official stated, "It's a bad situation. But we were very fortunate that it's not worse."

Universal is not just a movie studio, it's theme park that draws on an average weekend 25,000 visitors per day. As soon as the fire broke out they closed these gates, but Monday it will be open for business.

Making the job even harder on firefighters was the lack of water pressure. They improvised by pumping water from a nearby lake. One major concern was that the flames could jump from the lot to the hills, where people live.

The damage will run into the millions, but studio officials say day-to-day production will not be interrupted. More than anything, everyone is relieved that this time it was only fake homes that burned.