Obama may achieve nomination after primaries

Reporter: Joel Brown

Barack Obama hopes to finally put Hillary Clinton behind him, once and for all.

Obama said, "Senator Clinton has run an outstanding race. She's an outstanding public servant, and she and we will be working together in November."

As it stands now, Obama is just 43 delegates away from the magic number needed to secure the nomination. With primary season wrapping up tonight in South Dakota and Montana, he can't win enough pledge delegates to hit that target, but a wave of superdelegate support could push him over the top.

"My sense is between Tuesday and Wednesday that we have got a good chance of getting the number that we need to achieve the nomination," says Obama.

In fact, sources from CBS News claim most of the 17 still uncommitted superdelegates from the Senate will endorse him shortly, along with at least a dozen house members.

Obama has a huge rally planned for tonight, which so happens to be in the same arena where Republicans will hold their national convention. Clinton will spend the evening at home in New York with an inner circle of advisors, supporters and major fund raisers.