Dumpster discovery: Personal files found

Reporter Chuck Weber

Update, WED 10 AM: BOCA RATON, FL (Fox29) - Fox 29 first brought you the story Tuesday: People's personal information tossed in the trash for anyone to take. We're now learning why and hearing from the victims.

Dumpsters on Northwest 1st Avenue Boca Raton were found full of files and paperwork with personal information - names, addresses, drivers licenses and some social security numbers - all out in the open for the taking.

"I'm taken aback; I really almost shaking. The fact that records could be around for all these years," describes victim Geraldine Spieler.

Spieler says she used a Boca moving company 13 years ago. That moving company was sold and relocated. The building owner now cleaning out and tossing the files with information on employees, applicants and customers like Spieler. "It shouldn't have been available to anybody, but nobody has done anything."

Building owner Charles Wheeler, former owner of the moving company, says, "In my heart I don't think it's going to be a problem. And I didn't realize until I heard from you guys that there was something sensitive in there. And it should have never been thrown out."

"It's very frightening to think of that it was available, and that it could have happened," says Spieler.

The building owner says even though he didn't know sensitive information was being thrown out, the trash hauler was supposed to arrive before cleaning crews left Tuesday.

In case you were wondering, all the documents have since been shredded.

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

Previously: BOCA RATON, FL (Fox29) - Piles and piles of personal files with tax information, social security numbers and license numbers, were found in a Boca Raton dumpster. These dumpsters are located between a set of warehouses here on Northwest First Avenue.

The dumped personal records inside, apparently belonged to Wheeler's Moving Company. Some files even dated back as far as 20 years or more.

An incredible amount of personal information and old client files containing driver's licenses, social security numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and birth dates were found on these files.

After contacting the Wheeler's Moving Company, they claimed to have moved out of Boca Raton and into Jupiter about a year ago and they had no idea this had happened. Police received a call Monday, and were able to clean up a majority of this dumpster.

There are currently some remnants of the files out there, but officials are doing their best to protect the people on these files so their identities are not stolen and get these files and papers shredded properly.

This is going to be the beginning of a much larger investigation, 10 million Americans are victimized by identity thieves, and most of them get their information from dumpster diving and digging through trash.