Great balls of Buzz

Saturday hundreds filled West Palm's Phipps Skate Park ready to claim victory in the Buzz Dodgeball Tournament and competition was stiff.

Jeremy Loper, Buzz 103, says, "We're ready to rock, and we really brought our 'a' game. And all these other teams, they might as well pack up and go home because the Dolphin Fingers are going to own things here today [Saturday] at the Buzz Dodgeball Tournament."

Buzz Morning Show host Jeremy Loper turned in his mic for a dodgeball. His co-host, Brian Smitty, traded his in for pompoms.

Bryan Smitty, Buzz 103, says, "I'm here to show my support. I actually have a cheerleading outfit that I'm going to put on. And I am the official Dolphin Fingers cheerleader."

But would the Buzz have what it takes to take down the mighty power of team One?

Ryan Pitman, team One, says, "We're here to win this Dodgeball Tournament. They've been talking a lot of smack on the radio."

Fox 29 even put in a team. We were going for perfect record of 0-5; however, we managed to pull one victory!

It was Ballz Deep who took home the victory.

Saturday, June 21, the Buzz returns to Phipps Skate Park for the 2008 Skate Wars, but I think I'll sit that war out.