Roof caves in on Boynton residents

Reporter Alex Zequiera

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (AP) - A Boynton Beach woman desperate for help after a pipe burst in her home causing the roof to cave in.

She called Fox 29 for help.

To call the damage "extensive" is an understatement. The family was actually in their master bedroom watching a movie when they felt water at their feet. They realized the original cause of the flood wasn't the rain outside. The entire roof had collapsed.

When they first found the water, they started shoving it out the door and sweeping it up. They were almost done cleaning up everything they could clean up, and that's when the roof collapsed on one of the ladies living in this house.

Chef Lewis describes, "I thought the whole thing was like coming down. I was like, okay, it's over now, you know, it's wet. I'm tired. Now, it's done. But, then, I ran out from under it, and I realized it's just the roof, the top part that fell, not whole thing. So, although, it did hurt in the beginning, it's a little swollen, but I'm okay now."

Fire investigators say it was a leaky pipe in the roof that actual burst. "It wasn't anything that Mother Nature caused.

"They [investigators] said that was a cheap pipe. That's the exact words - a cheap pipe. It was poorly built, and we should get it looked at and redo the whole house because it is not a really good system right now."

Since the flood was not caused by Mother Nature, they're not going to be able to rely on flood insurance. They have to rely on other insurance.

Fire officials say it was a leaky pipe. She said a fire official told her it was a cheap kind of pipe. Obviously, that's going to cause concerns for residents in this neighborhood wondering if they have the same kind of pipes.

This family needs all the help they can get, and they're going to contact the Red Cross as soon as they can. "I know there's a class-action lawsuit over polybutylene line pipes in our area in homes over 10 years old... but because that pipe is so stuck back in the roof, we cannot tell what pipe it is...  It look like a regular gray PVC pipe."

There is a class-action lawsuit against those pipe which have been known to burst and cause lots of problems. If it is determined this pipe is that, these people would be getting help under that class-action lawsuit.