Palm Beach sets new record: Highest gas prices in FL

Reporter: John Bachman

Palm Beach County sets another record - gas is now averaging $4.07 a gallon - the highest in the state. The national average is $3.98.

But, as if that's not frustrating enough, gas stations are putting limits on how much gas you can buy not letting some fill up.

Sometime times the limit is $50; sometimes, it's $75. But with the price of a gallon going up by the day, the last thing you probably want is someone telling you how much money you can spend here.

"Seriously, when is it going to end?"

"So expensive, you might not be able to fill up your tank in one stop much longer."

Many stations are limiting credit card purchases to $50 or $75 at a time to limit potential losses from fraud.

It's a decision made by the stations, but it's influenced by the credit card companies who say they have no intention of raising the limit.

Mark Bryer's big diesel engine, "Seventy-five dollars gives me just over a half tank, and I just put $40 in, and I got just over a quarter."

So to get a full tank, he has to go through the whole process twice if he's at a station with that $75 limit.

And so could you. If gas keeps going up, and your fill up hits the limit, now you know why.

There are a couple of things you can do: You can start the fill up over by swiping your card again or you can go inside and deal with the attendant.