Firefighter arrested for impersonating officer

Reporter: Al Pefley

What happened the night an off-duty Palm Beach Gardens firefighter tried to pullover a driver on I-95 in March? Newly released video gives us a look at what occurred.

Dash-cam video from Boynton Beach Police shows two pick-up trucks speeding down I-95 at 100 miles an hour.

Terry Petruzzi, an off-duty firefighter and private investigator, was driving a red Toyota pickup truck, and, police say, he had displayed flashing red and white lights trying to pull over a gray Nissan pick-up truck.

A Boynton Beach policeman stopped them both, and later, off-camera, he can be heard arresting Petruzzi for impersonating a police officer.

"For you to be slowin' people down, huh-huh. That's me, see? The police. Not private investigators. Yes sir. Not firefighters. I don't know what it is that you're doin' out here. But we're gonna end it! I'll tell you this. You've got issues. Whatever they are, you've got to deal with them. But you aren't gonna come out here and pretend you're something you're not and put people in danger."

Prosecutors have dropped charges against Petruzzi. Paperwork submitted by the state attorney's office dated May 30 does not explain why.

Petruzzi's attorney told us his client never impersonated a police officer and the legal system worked the way it's supposed to.

The city manager told us they have no plans to reinstate Petruzzi as a firefighter.