"Hero" rescues family from fire

Reporter: Allison Bybee

A Port St. Lucie Police Officer rushes into a burning home and helps guide the family to safety and then tackles the fire.

Surprisingly, the house is ok - livable. Only one room severely is damaged, but that room was the room of two little girls.

They were saved because a Port St. Lucie police officer happened to be driving by the family's home. He saw flames coming from a bedroom window.

He rushed to the door and was greeted by a man, Stanley Dossous, who was trying to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

Officer Jeremy Foote wanted to make sure no one else was inside.

That's when a woman rushed to Foote. He asked if anyone else was in the home. She said her two daughters aged 7 and 9 were inside.

The officer then saw the girls come out of a room, and he escorted everyone out of the home.

Then, he and the father rushed back in and tried to put out the fire in what was the little girls' bedroom.

Foote later learned the girls were not sleeping in their room at the time of the fire.

Firefighters gave Officer Foote the title of "Hero" Wednesday, a recognition Foote says he doesn't deserve. "I was called a hero, that's some tough shoes to fill there. I wouldn't consider myself a hero. I was just doing my job and what I think anybody would do when they roll up onto a house on fire - you just want to make sure everyone is out safely."

The cause of this fire? Candles left burning unattended. A candle in the girls bedroom melted and tipped over and caught papers and drapes on fire.

According to reports, the family was woken up by the smoke in the house and never had time to call for help. Without Foote, who knows what would have happened.