Gas price drop: "Short-lived"

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - For the first time ever, the national average for a gallon of gas has tipped 4 dollars.

In Palm Beach County, the AAA says the average price in the greater West Palm Beach area is $4.09 per gallon. Diesel is rapidly approaching 5 dollars.

Even though the price of gas did drop slightly on Friday, it was only short-lived. Now, crude oil prices, broke the all-time one day price. The old record was $10.75 per barrel.

The U.S. Department of labor reported unemployment climbing from 5 percent to 5.5 percent, the highest single month increase in 22 years.

All around bad news for the economy, the issue of gas is prices now getting much more attention from presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain.

"Absolutely important, it is vital that we eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, which Americans on fixed income are paying a higher and higher price when they go to the gas station and fill up their automobile with gasoline," says Sen. McCain.