Violent crash splits car in half: Two die

Reporter: Kara Kostanich

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - Two die Monday morning when a white Mazda lost control on a curve, slamming into a pole and splitting the car in half.

The driver of that car is in serious condition and will likely face charges. Authorities believe that alcohol may have played a role in the accident.

A make-shift memorial has been set up where the deadly crash came to an end at Jog road in suburban West Palm Beach. Messages are left here by friends and family to express what these two young men meant to those who they were closest to.

Two families are devastated over the loss of two sons, "doing things (they're) not supposed to be doing, it kills, and hurts and changes lives, and changes family," says Reynaldo Llano, father of Joshua Reynaldo.

Joshua, 19, was thrown from the car and died in the roadway. Juan Santamaria, 21, was partially thrown from the car and taken to St. Mary's Hospital, but died there.

Juan's mother, Clara Santamaria, felt the impact. "He was my life. We have three kids and they are great."

Investigators say the driver, 21-year-old Camellia Martinez, took a curve too fast. His Mazda slammed into a utility pole forcing the car to land in two pieces.