Midwest suffers from wild weather

Reporter: Tara Mergener

WASINGTON, D.C. (Fox 29) - The White House now says 29 Indiana counties are federal disaster areas following a weekend filled with more storms.

The Governors of Iowa and Wisconsin have declared emergencies in more than 120 counties in their states, and it may not be over.

Midwest residents fear the worst may be yet to come. From Iowa to Indiana, weekend flooding forced people from their homes and officials warn many more should be ready to run.

Local residents say there is nothing they can do, "just head for high ground and hope for the best."

Even after a weekend of storms pounded the plains, dropping as much as 10 inches of rain in an hour, severe weather warnings remain in effect for parts of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin.

One man's farm has been transformed into a lake and since there's no crops left to plow, he's using his tractor to pick up neighbors threatened by the rising tide.

"My grandfather told me I would see this in my lifetime, I didn't believe him and it's happened," Kenny Kendal claims.

Further east, It's not water that's rising, it's mercury. Hitting triple digits in some places, the season's first heat wave is scalding the east coast and relief isn't likely until the middle of the week.

While the scorching temperatures were expected, the floods were not. The storms came quick, even touching off a swarm of tornadoes. While rivers can rise in just minutes, authorities warn it could be days before many drop back down.

To make matters worse, there's a new batch of storms brewing in the Midwest. Residents probably won't have more than a couple of dry days this week.