Bikers anti-up for children's charity

LOXAHATCHEE, FL (Fox 29) - Employees from Palms West Hospital teamed up with local businesses to raise money for the Little Smiles Charity.

Here's how a poker run works: As bikers traveled to desired destinations, they pick up playing cards. Making several stops, they keep picking up these cards to create a poker hand. Those that have the top three hands at the end of the run win a prize.

Money raised from the event, really helps a lot of pediatric patients. "They need to Keep busy while they're healing so we give activities that help them get better faster and there's not anybody I know that doesn't like to help out kids," said one Palms West employee, Cary Haerlin.

The Little Ones organization helps fill the needs of children in local hospitals, hospices and shelters by donating toys, computers and tickets to sporting events and concerts.