Suspicious fire burns house for sale

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - A house up for sale at Huron Place went up in smoke Monday night. The fire broke out at 2:00 a.m. when a neighbor reported flames coming out of the home.

According to the owners, there was no power connected to the home, but there should be no power turned on to the building. The house has been up for sale for six months and the realtors access the house through a lock box.

The owner is convinced that this was not an accident. "That's just a standard thing they automatically know when they enter the house. If they want to show the house off, if they want to cut the A/C on, they can, but when they leave, everything is supposed to be shut off,"  Samuel Graham, homeowner.

He claims the realtors that have access to the home are usually very good about shutting off the power and making sure everything is secure. Graham was told by fire investigators that when the fire was put out, the front door was open at the time of the blaze.

Investigators still don't know exactly what caused it. The fire could be an accident or intentional.