FDA to catch up with tomato scare

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - Restaurants across the nation are pulling fresh tomatoes from the menu. The FDA says certain types may be tainted with Salmonella.

A sign was displayed greeting customers at Field of Greens in downtown West Palm Beach, warning them about the tomato scare.

So far, 145 Salmonella cases in 16 states are being linked to raw tomatoes. The FDA still hasn't found the source of the tainted tomatoes, but they have narrowed the problem down to three varieties. They say you should avoid raw red round, red plum and red Roma tomatoes.

Rocco Mangele, the owner of Rocco's Tacos says he called his produce distributor as soon as he heard the news. "As some of our main ingredients that make the restaurant move, I got a little nervous. Luckily we deal with the good produce distributor and he got us 12 cases of tomatoes right away."

Publix, Albertsons and Winn-Dixie stores have removed the varieties in question from the shelves. There are tomatoes you can eat; cherry, grape and vine tomatoes are still safe.