Flooding in Midwest worst in hundreds of years

A flood disaster unlike anything seen in the Midwest for hundreds of years is still worsening.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, thousands of people have left already, and thousands more are being told to evacuate.

The city prepared for days, but it wasn t enough. The Cedar River swollen by days of rain pushed up and over its banks, submerging 100 city blocks and forcing more than 8,000 people from their homes.

They used to say this city would never flood, having dodged major trouble for decades. But not this time.  This water will eventually recede, but it's got to go somewhere. And wherever it flows it's going to cause big problems.

They're already filling sandbags in Missouri and officials warn the Mississippi River could pose an enormous threat. It's biggest in at least 15 years.

Storms that begin pounding the region at the beginning of the month are now expected to ease. It will give everyone a chance to dry out, but it can't undo the damage.  The National Weather Service calls the past week uncharted territory.