Say no to high gas prices: Dump the Pump

Palm Beach County, FL (WFLX) - Are gas prices getting too high for you? They are for me that's why I'm dumping the pump. I'm going to be traveling all over Palm Beach County while my car takes a vacation.

I start my journey on Palm Tran outside the Fox 29 studio located on Blue Heron. My first stop is West Palm's Summit Library where I meet up with Palm Tran Senior Public Relations Specialist Jessica Dumars.

She says, as gas prices continue to climb, so does Palm Tran's popularity. "We have an increase in ridership due to the gas prices, and a lot of people are seeking alternative modes of transportation. Last year, we reached the 10 million rider mark for the first time in Palm Tran's history."

And they're making changes to reduce their carbon footprint. "Palm Tran switched its fleet back in January to a biodiesel fuel; as well as, we've changed our tires to being filled with nitrogen rather than regular air. And that is expected to increase the life of each tire."

Jessica and I continue on to our next stop, the Boynton Beach Mall. With the money I saved by riding the bus, I'm ready to treat myself.

I calculated my savings on Palm Tran's Web site. If I commute 25 miles per day and my car gets 18 miles to the gallon, I save can more than $900 each year. This savings includes the cost of maintaining my car.

After finishing up at the mall, it's time to head back up to West Palm. We catch the bus headed for the Tri-Rail station in Delray Beach.

Tiffany Fisher, who is headed back home, tells me she enjoys riding the Tri-Rail as opposed to driving her car. "It's a nice experience. I don't mind it at all. I thought I was going to be scared the first time I got on. Being a female riding the train by myself - public transportation - you never know, but it's absolutely not like that at all. And I'd rather take the train then drive a car any day."

After arriving back in West Palm, we hop back on Palm Tran to head towards Clematis Street where I end my journey.

This was my first time riding Palm Tran and Tri-Rail. Both were clean, comfortable and surprisingly quiet.

So, don't forget to give your own car a vacation Thursday, June 19.

Plus, as part of South Florida's Dump the Pump campaign, participants will receive a scratch-off card for the chance to win $1,000 cash, a 3-day/2-night Hawks Cay Resort getaway for two in the Florida Keys, tickets to Universal Studios Orlando, Dunkin Donuts' gift cards, transit passes and more. The scratch-off cards will be distributed during the morning of June 19 only at select bus and train stations while supplies last.

To plan your trip in support of National Dump the Pump Day or to learn more about all commuter options, call 1-800-234-RIDE or visit