Port St. Lucie's Botox bandit busted

By Juan Carlos Fanjul email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PORT ST LUCIE (WFLX) - Kellie Jayne Thomas of Stuart is under arrest Thursday night. According to Port St. Lucie Police, the woman only 23, got a $1,225 treatment on her eyelids and took off without paying the cosmetic surgeon.

Update: Late Thursday afternoon, Port St. Lucie police transported the woman to the St. Lucie County Jail on charges of grand theft after they arrested her at her home in Stuart. Detectives say they knew right away it was her because of apparent bruising under her eyes.

On Wednesday, Fox 29 aired the usual "before and after" photos taken during a Botox procedure, pictures that were as good as mug shots. The public then flooded the police with tips as to the woman's real identity.

Port St. Lucie Surgeon Dr. John Porcaro said Thomas gave him a fake name of "Ashley Parker" and address and never provided him with ID. Still, he performed the procedure anyway; however, when it came to pay up, he says, Thomas pulled a "Botox and bolt"! "I feel betrayed, more than loosing $1,225, I ended up feeling victimized," said the angry doctor.

"I think she know what she did was wrong. She knew the police would be looking for her, but [she] had no idea her face was on TV or in the newspaper - completely oblivious," said Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Officer Robert Vega.

Thomas claims she planned on paying for the procedure at a later date, but never made arrangements with the surgery center. The doctor says he never demanded photo ID's from clients. Now, he will.

Previously: You've heard of dine and dash. This is Botox and bolt.

A woman talking a good game is accused of tricking a local doctor into giving her Botox then escaping without paying.

The doctor has been getting calls from newspapers and radio stations from all over the nation. Perhaps, they think, this is yet another sign of tough economic times: People can't pay for their Botox anymore.

But, the doc's got this bandit on film before and after the crime.

Dr. John Porcaro, the owner of Porcaro Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Port St. Lucie, is stunned. He says he feels the same way a gas station owner would when a customer pulls a "pump and run". Except the stolen item here was Botox. "Having practiced medicine for 35 years, it's quite a surprise," said Porcaro when asked by Fox 29 about the unusual crime.

Before and after photos show she came in for injections of the temporary wrinkle eraser on June 10 and got them applied on her lower eyelids. "She had a Botox and filler, Restalyne. Total charge: $1,225 dollars," said the plastic surgeon.

After the 50 minute procedure, Porcaro says he led the woman to the front desk where she was supposed to pay for the chemical facelift. "She told the receptionist she needed to go the vehicle to get credit card and never came back," he said angrily.

The cosmetic surgeon himself dashing to the parking lot to look for the woman now called by police the Botox Bandit; however, she was nowhere to be found. He didn't get a look at her getaway car; her registration information was completely false. The only calling card the woman left behind where the pre and post treatment photos that are as good as mug shots. Port Saint Lucie Police are using them to track down the woman.

Porcaro says, economic tough times or not, this one really hurts: "I feel betrayed, more than loosing $1,225, I ended up feeling victimized."