Deputy on leave for self defense

PORT ST. LUCIE (Fox29) - A deputy is on paid leave Monday morning, after shooting a man in Port St. Lucie. He allegedly flashed a six-inch blade at that deputy, then when he refused to drop it, the deputy says he has no choice but to fire.

Investigators say the incident started when 46-year-old, Stephen Bryant, showed up at a Port St. Lucie home. The homeowner, Ronald Triplett, claimed Bryant used to date his roommate and was still upset about the break-up.

After he left, deputies tried to pull over the truck he was driving which sparked a chase. When law enforcement officials stopped him he was reportedly waving a knife, refused to drop it, and deputy Brian Rhodes fired a single shot.

"They have every right to protect themselves, just like every else does. If you come at somebody with a weapon, that's what you'd expect," says one.

Bryant remains in the hospital in critical condition. He's charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.