Sushi chef by day, DJ by night

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - He's a chef by day and a DJ by night. Joseph Clark, better known as Sushi Jo, is allowing me to assist him!

"We'll be making the naruto maki which is made from peeling a cucumber paper thin," describes Sushi Jo.

He adds in some crab, cream cheese, orange washago, green onions and fresh salmon. "Now, we're going to twist this baby up."

He cuts the roll, "which isn't an easy task because there's not a lot of cucumber to work with when you cut," and places it on a plate. He adds the sauce, a flower and sesame seeds.

Sushi Jo then slides over to his DJ booth where he and his accompanist turn up the music.

Rachel asks, "Do you prefer to make the sushi or play the music?"

He responds, "I like both, and that's what the ambience of Sushi Jo is all about."

Now, it's my turn to make a roll.

Sushi Jo instructs, "First, you want to get all your ingredients ready: A cucumber stick and a piece of crab."

Then, I cut a slice of avocado in half, grab a piece of seaweed, and I'm ready for the rice. And the trick is to always have your hands moist.

I make my baseball size ball of rice and spread it over the piece of seaweed. I add crab, cucumber and avocado. Then, let the rolling begin. A few more pinches and pushes and my roll is ready for the cutting board.

And, voila, I have my first California roll! Who knows, I could end of being a reporter by day and a sushi chef by night!