Sixty teens present the Broadway classic 42nd Street

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - It's the next generation of Broadway stars: Sixty of South Florida's finest performers all working together to present the timeless classic 42nd Street. And, get this, there's only three weeks between audition day and opening night!

Famed Broadway choreographer Ron DeJesus has only a few days before opening night. "These kids are phenomenal."

He, along with Boston Conservatory's Craig Wich, are collaborating with the Maltz Jupiter Theatre to bring the arts to a whole new level.

Craig Wich, director, "It's unique here because these are all very well trained kids. This Conservatory produces some phenomenal singers, actors and dancers."

The Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA) at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre provides a unique opportunity for striving theatrical performers to showcase themselves.

"Since there are so many kids, we want to give them an equal opportunity," says DeJesus. So, we've divided up the roles, so everyone has the opportunity to have a little meat on the bone."

Therefore, when it's time for their Julliard audition, they have the edge over thousands.

Rachel asks, "You guys are on summer break, and I would think I'd be at the beach. But you guys are here for three weeks. Why do you do it?"

Sam Tanade, Cast Member, replies, "Everyone here really loves acting, singing, dancing. It's really fun to be around the people who also share that same passion."

"I'm here to learn and just to get further to reach my goal to work in the industry. And, eventually, maybe be on Broadway," adds cast member Maddy Apple.

Well, Maddy, you're on the right path. The Theatre's Director of Education, Judy Gelman, has trained many students who have gone onto Broadway. "With all the budget cuts in schools, and all the required programming, we don't have enough time to really give the arts to kids. And the arts teach us to look at life differently, and it's very important that we, as a community organization, keep the arts alive."

42nd Street is June 27 & 28 at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.