Paddle surfing's taking S. FL by storm

JUNO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - There's a new sport that's gaining a lot of attention these days. So, I decided it was time for me to learn the sport of paddle surfing.

John Denney, East Coast Paddle Surfing, says, "Paddle surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world right now. And, it's just taking over Florida by storm, and I'm happy to be able to show you how to do it."

From the stars to the athletes, from the young to the old, everyone's catching waves in a new way. "After seeing how fast this sport was growing in Maui and California. We knew Florida was going to be a perfect place to do it with all the expansive intercostals waterways and the ocean."

Rachel asks, "How's it catching on?"

John replies, "Like wildfires."

We lay what looks like super sized surfboards in the sand, and John quickly teaches me the right way to stand and paddle.

But, before I head out into the water, I had to ask: "Is this a relatively safe sport?"

John, "You know, it's a very safe sport. The only way to really get hurt is to fall on the equipment. So, as long you're ready to go swimming, it's a very safe sport."

And, lucky for me, my cameraman just missed my swimming experience!

At first, I was a little nervous standing on the board, but I quickly relaxed and started enjoying the water from a whole new angle. "It's like walking on water," describes John.

And, if you're tired of doing those crunches, it's a really good ab workout! "It's an excellent core workout. It's stability, core fitness; it's aerobics. It really covers all part of physical fitness."

Since paddle surfing is something relatively new to South Florida, many places, including John Denney's East Coast Paddle Surfing, offer demos, classes and rentals.

I've posted some links, so you can try it for yourself.