Pickup plows through home

DELRAY BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - Monday night a truck slammed into a child's bedroom unexpectedly, and it may have been a drunk driver that actually caused all of the mess.

Joseph Thompson, the homeowner, described the crash. "There was a big screech on the road like something hit, and in a couple of seconds it was in the house."

He could not believe what had happened to his home, a truck plowing into the house through his son's bedroom.

The crash was so loud, even his neighbor woke up to see what went wrong. "I got out and went back in, [the driver] was trying to start the car to drive off. My neighbor and myself, we got the key from him."

Fortunately that driver didn't cause any more trouble. He and two other passengers went to a local hospital to be checked out.

Thompson is now left wondering what to do next, with part of his home exposed to the elements, they need help. The Thompsons did contact the Red Cross but they were told that since the house wasn't a total loss, and it wasn't a fire that completely destroyed the home. The Red Cross can ' send any help out.

Laurel Thompson also lives in the damaged house, but wasn't there at the time of the accident. She arrived while the truck was still stuck inside the bedroom. "I was expecting this side of the house to fall down at any time. Fortunately it didn't."

Laurel also said that her son is usually in his room at the time of the accident occurred, but he wasn't last night.

Laurel says, "If he would have been there, he would have been a goner because the bed was pushed to the other side of the room, through the closet, and all the debris was on top of it.

The Red Cross cannot jump in and help out and they're afraid their insurance won't cover all the damage to their home, so they're hoping someone will help in their time of need.