Puppy pandemonium

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - It's being called one of the worst cases of animal abuse in the country. Dozens of dogs were rescued from a doggy mill in Tennessee and are now recovering in Palm Beach County.

Volunteers with The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue in West Palm Beach went to Tennessee to pick up the dogs. The rescue team took 30 dogs, from the 700 or more animals living in a puppy mill with deplorable conditions.

This could possibly be the worst case of animal abuse in that state's history.

Joan Carlson Radabaugh, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, prepares for the weeks ahead. "For the next two weeks our job is going to be to keep them clean, well-fed and bring them back to good health, and then work on preparing them to transition into new homes.

About 100 other dogs rescued from that same facility are at the Broward County Humane Society.

For more information on the dogs that were rescued, please visit www.hspb.org.