Safe Streets Initiative: Dangerous operation

Reporter: Alex Zequiera

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Fox 29) - Federal and local agents cracking down on illegal weapons end up in a firefight with suspects. One suspect was killed, and another one injured.

Tuesday night's sting operation involved several agencies and the closure of Tamarind Avenue and more. The agencies were trying to crack down on illegal weapons when something went wrong and they were forced to use deadly force.

Chief Delsa Busch, West Palm Beach Police Department, claims, "The Safe Streets Initiative is to basically to get illegal guns off of the street, and this was part of one of those particular operations."

Part of the sting was at an old warehouse along Old Okeechobee Road, where police officers and FBI agents approached several suspects thought to be involved with illegal guns. Something apparently went wrong and either police or the suspects opened fire.

"There's a lot of officers involved; a lot of technicalities that have to be sorted through at this particular time. Crime scene investigations have to find out, basically, what all happened, what transpired," says Busch.

What is known is that one suspect was shot and killed by police and two others were injured. Police say one of the injured suspects even tried to leave the scene in a car causing an accident.

Busch commented on the status of the suspects, "They're all in custody at this particular point and, like I said, they're basically at hospitals being treated."

None of the officers or agents involved in the sting were hurt, but there are more questions than answers at this point. We're not sure who fired first, the suspects or the police.