FWC catching egg poachers in the act

By Alex Zequiera
Posted by Rachel Leigh

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Florida Fish & Wildlife officials take a proactive approach to target turtle egg poachers in our area by conducting undercover patrols to catch them in the act.

This year alone, officers have spent more than 200 hours investigating poaching activity in the area, but made no arrests as of yet.

During an overnight patrol Thursday morning, officers not only searched for poachers, but also educated people on things they do that puts a nesting turtle in danger.

One of the things people often do to disturb turtles while they nest is use some kind of light on the beach at night. According to wildlife officials lights, the light can spook a turtle trying to nest and prevents them from laying eggs.

As far as poachers go, FWC officers say, they find people taking eggs to sell them for drugs or to eat them. The problem is that in the dark of night, poachers can get away without even being spotted some times.

Law enforcement is trying to step up overnight patrols to crack down on poachers to protect endangered turtle species throughout South Florida.