Recession meal deals around S. FL

By Lindsay Cohen
Posted by Rachel Leigh

Let's face it, we're all feeling the pinch including local businesses who are doing their best to keep customers coming through their doors.

They're advertising it on fliers. They're slashing their prices to try and keep your belly and your wallet full.

The sidewalks are silent, and the tables are almost empty. Customers at Cityplace explain why. "I have to cut back on many different things - especially stop eating out," says one woman.

"Eating out less or eating a little more fast food, a little cheaper," adds City Place customer Andy Taylor.

And restaurants are taking note, so they are tossing up something new in response in downtown West Palm Beach.

Susan McCann, Field of Greens, explains, "We realized, we really need to do something to help out with everybody and to help our customers be able to afford to have lunch every day."

Field of Greens has added more affordable $4 lite bites for customers where the economy is getting them down.

Other eateries are following suit. Hot dogs for a quarter at the Circle-K on Military Trail. And, we've found a recession-busting, budget-minded menu at Miami Subs.

Ambrosia's been around for nearly three decades, but even loyal customers are feeling the pinch. "People are basically not coming. They're deciding whether to put gas in their car or have dinner out, so, obviously, we know the answer to that," says Vicent Munnelly.

The answer? Two pizzas for the price of one, and a spaghetti lunch for less than $4. Whatever they can do to keep customers happy and wallets full.

He adds, "I think we all have to try to make an effort to help our loyal customers, and that's what I'm trying to do now."

A small sampling of local "recession-inspired" menus:

Ambrosia Restaurant: 1603 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach ph: (561) 833-8280 -- restaurant offering buy one meal, get half-off a second (dine-in only); buy one 16" pizza, get a 12" free (dine-in and take-out); $3.95 spaghetti lunch.

Circle-K Convenience Store: 3066 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach ph: (561) 684-1974 -- offering 25-cent deals, including hot dogs and fountain drink refills.

Field of Greens CityPlace: 460 S. Rosemary Avenue, West Palm Beach ph: (561) 820-2465 -- restaurant offering $3.95 "Summer Lite Bites," including caprese salad, homemade quiche, and salad-stuffed tomatoes.

Miami Subs: 2600 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach ph: (561) 686-7827 -- restaurant offering "recession-busting" menu, featuring meal deals $1.99 and up.