WPB child falls from third floor window

By John Bachman
Posted by Rachel Leigh

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A 6-year-old boy dies after falling out of a third story window. The family now in pain, and neighbors are shocked calling it a freak accident.

There are quite a few children in West Palm Beach's Malibu Bay neighborhood. Many of the kids are about the same age as 6-year-old Chris Petitefrere, the boy who died after falling from his family's apartment.

Neighborhood kids, their parents and the family of little Chris are dealing with the loss of a boy everyone really liked.

Chris' family gave us a picture of him in his white kindergarten cap and gown. It will be the last grade he'll ever finish. He later died Wednesday at St. Mary's Medical Center shortly after the fall.

"I don't want to remember this," says neighbor Michelle Smith. She says, in this community, many of the parents take care of each other's children, and she often took care of Chris.

"It's shattering. It's almost like one of my kids because I have him every morning. I mean, you know, talking to him just as I would with one of my kids," she adds.

Michelle drove Chris to school when his mother had to go to work. Also, in that car pool, little Lacoya Ellison. She's says she'll miss her friend. "He was a good child. He always listened to adults and everything."

Chris was in the care of his grandmother. Police say she opened a window to save money on the power bill. He was jumping on a bed while his grandmother was in the kitchen. Miguel Ortiz was waiting for a friend in the parking lot outside and saw the three-story fall.

"He went backwards. Went backwards, and he was head down all the way down. He hit his head on top of the a/c. That was it," describes Ortiz.

West Palm Beach Police were investigating here for several hours Wednesday. No word on whether or not any charges will be filed.

Chris would have been in first grade next year at Westward Elementary School.