SUV hits two bicyclist in Jupiter

By Emily Pantelides
Posted by Rachel Leigh

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - A SUV hits two teens riding bicycles. Nineteen-year-old Nicholas Keith is in serious condition. Another juvenile is in critical; she is not being identified.

It happened on Jupiter Farms Road and Indiantown Road. Fox 29 talks to neighbors, who say, it's not the first time something like this has happened there.

Right before the accident happened, Randy Williams was less than a mile away directing traffic. "We just saw the ambulance, so we stopped to help with traffic control."

Randy says, he saw the two teens minutes before they were hit. He says it was a girl and a boy riding separate bikes in the center of the road. "Came through on two bicycles heading north, and, I guess, one must have been riding on handlebars of others."

That's exactly what deputies say happened. They say around 1 p.m. Wednesday, the two teens were riding on one bike when a SUV hit them. "What were two people doing on a bike here? We are going to have to wait a while to determine that."

But Claudia Foriseca, from the Department of Highway Safety, who was on the scene Wednesday says she knows exactly what happened here. She says it's happened before, and she blames the road. "There's no sidewalk around here. It's a very dangerous road - some people just flying."

The bike the teens were on still on the shoulder. Police tape now lining a road that's sure to be the center of a major investigation. Police are still investigating. So far, the driver of the SUV, 83-year-old George Kelly of Jupiter Farms, has not been ticketed or charged in the accident.