Play like a pro: 3-D technology shows you how

Improve your golf swing, reduce injuries and increase stamina. No matter if you're a Sunday morning golfer or the competitive junior golfer hoping for a college scholarship, the physical therapists at Competitive Edge Sports Performance Center in Delray have a program that's unmatched in South Florida.

Dan Sage, Owner and CEO, describes, "Our program thrives with the teaching pro. The PGA pro knows the swing; they are teaching the swing. What we're doing is bringing what we do as physical therapist to the table, and marrying our expertise to the teaching pro's expertise."

And, just like any other sport, "The PGA of America has adopted the importance of fitness. And what we try to look at this as we are a piece of the puzzle to help the golfer play better golf."

Exercise physiologist Chris Hull then hooks me up to their 3-D system to compare my golf swing to a tour professional swing.

Dan's inspiration for Competitive Edge came while working with his golf instructor. They realized Dan had tightness in his back. So, he spent months doing exercise to help him loosen up his back. But, he then, learned it wasn't his back keeping him for doing a complete swing. Instead, it was his hips giving him the problem.

"Once I'm on a good fitness program, and, now, I'm back out there working with my pro, it's night and day."

Something else night and day: My golf swing compared to my coworker, Jamie Krone. So, I'm not the best golfer. But after a few swings, the physical therapists were able to see my problem areas.

Then, physical therapist Andrew Greenshner prints out my analysis and discusses what exercises I can do to help improve my swing.

Sage adds, "It's kind of like the race car driver. He relies on the pit crew - the tires have the right amount of pressure, and the cylinders are working good. That's kind of how we see it."

The Competitive Edge Sports Performance Center is located at the OnetoOne Physical Therapy & Aquatics facility in Delray Beach.