Dental student stripping to pay for school

Posted by Rachel Leigh

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) -  The sluggish economy is forcing some women to take a job they never imagined. Tough times are apparently calling for tremendous measures.

Fox 29 spoke with a 22 year old who is taking it all off just to make ends met, and she isn't the only one.

Cheetah Gentleman's Club of West Palm Beach says they're seeing a jump in women who want to take to the pole to pay their bills.

"It's not a respectable job, and I work just to get out of here," says a 22 year old who is goes by the stage name 'Tiffany'.

Tiffany who is tall and seemingly bright, looks like someone you would sit next to at church. She's articulate and polite. She not your average stripper. In fact, she's a collage student with dreams of becoming much more.

"I'm planning to go to dental school in the next couple years," says Tiffany.

For this young woman taking it all off onstage is top secret. No one knows she's a stripper - not her friends, not her family. "I have five brothers and sisters. One who is participating in the Olympics, my brother is a firefighter, and my sister is a teacher."

It's hard to believe but, she says, she's just a student who takes it all off because she can't find employment anywhere else. "I have to live, and no one else is going to pay for it, so I need to pay for it myself."

Desperate times bring desperate measures. While Tiffany says she's nervous on the dance floor, she adds it pays off when she pockets hundreds at the end of the night.

It turns out strip clubs are being hit by the hard times, too. A year ago the ladies at Cheetah say they made more than $1,000 per night. But, now, they're lucky to walk with more than $400 in their pocket.