Okeechobee solar home for sale

By Allison Bybee
Posted Rachel Leigh

A Martin County man is pouring his home with his son. He built it in Okeechobee, and shows us the home was a little more expensive to build. But, in the end, cheaper to cool.

It sits in an average neighborhood in Okeechobee and surrounded by homes whose owners pay more than $1,000 a month in electricity.

John Erikson, JDI Builders LLC, said he's had electric bills as low as $25 a month.

It works by solar panels on his roof. They generate so much energy, he can run his home and return some back to F.P.L. It's part of a state tax incentive and solar rebate program.

Though the house was more costly to build, it will pay off with returns over 10 years.

Here is how it works: The sun hits the solar panels, and all goes down to the inverter in the garage. Inside the garage is the grain changing the energy into something Erickson can use.

His electric bills range from $25 to $45 a month.

Erickson hopes to build more of these homes on the Treasure Coast.

If you can't afford the panels, you can buy fluorescent light bulbs and upgrade the air conditioner.

Erickson said he paid $175,000 for that home after rebates. And the solar system cost $16,000, but he got $12,000 in rebate from the state and federal government for installing it.

That home is on the market for $230,000.